The Biggest Lies They Told Me

They: “Weird is the new cool. Embrace your true self.” They: “You’re so weird. Not the cool kind of weird, but the freak kind.” … They: “Just be who you are, ignore what society says.” They: “You’re thinking too much, be more spontaneous. You’re too awkward, be more relaxed. You’re too quiet, be more lively.…… Continue reading The Biggest Lies They Told Me

You & My Withered Hopes

It was around 4 P.M. when we started our rehearsal for Middle School Group Singing Competition. I was practicing my harmony part, and you stopped me in the middle for the fourth time. You gave me an annoyed look then said, “You got the melody wrong again.” I took a deep breath, a little frustrated,…… Continue reading You & My Withered Hopes

The Anthem Of The Heart: The Beauty of Expressing One’s True Feelings

“Poor communication is a signal that something is wrong, but it itself is probably not the problem”, Art Markman writes in his article on examining complaints of poor communications. Nevertheless, poor communication is something that aggrandize the root problems. It happens to people regardless of age. But sometimes adults are no better than  teenagers in solving…… Continue reading The Anthem Of The Heart: The Beauty of Expressing One’s True Feelings

Marriage Sentimentality of a Friend

Marriage is the song played on a continuous loop around me lately. In a couple weeks, I’ve got seven wedding invitations from my friends –the friend I’ve never met since several years ago; high school classmates; hanging out friends; my close friend. I’ve never felt sentimental in any wedding before, until the most recent one. I…… Continue reading Marriage Sentimentality of a Friend

What it Feels Like to be INFP #INFPSeries

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test is a common psychology test, yet, many people already refute its significance, mostly because it only contains 16 types and there’s no way such complicated humanity can be broken down into only 16 individual types. I have to agree. MBTI test has to be taken by people who wish to know…… Continue reading What it Feels Like to be INFP #INFPSeries