On My Flight to Dubai

Honey, I’m cold, I couldn’t bring myself to ignore what I’ve just heard. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop or anything, but my seat was right next to them. It was the same bass voice that asked me my name and my destination just a couple minutes ago; the voice that got me imagining him standing on a stage in front of his subordinates while saying, We’re going through a little trouble here, but worry not, everything will be fine”; the voice of a respectable leader. He told me before that he is a businessman. After seeing that composed smile on his wise middle-aged facial features, I would bet he had to be someone everyone ran off to every time any trouble occurs to seek a solution or just to find a breeze of comfort.

The lady beside me pulled up a blanket and covered him, while he leant on her arm. I was still observing them from the corner of my eye when he spoke again, Thank you, honey”. I saw a blissful smile on his lips.

No matter how tough we might appear, people always have a delicate side that wants to be spoiled like a child. It must be nice to have someone accepting and gently touching it. Their joy touched me too by seeing how they were detached from the world, yet, too deep inside their own’s. They had no idea that their natural gesture had inspired a restless stranger.

I guess it’s possible to be home when hitting the road.

*Originally created on 13th July of 2013


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