Musical Aspiration


Typically a well-rounded person, she’s got that one problem –indecisiveness. She’s not devoted to one kind of music. Fond of many kinds of music, Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift, Celtic to J-pop, mainstream music to indie music no one ever heard of, what matters is whether the music is good or not. And whether it can intrigue her emotion.

Meanwhile, life is full of dramas. At least in the way she sees it. From the nervous laugh of a boy who blunders but never willing to confess, to mirthless smile from a man who have seen too much in life. Humanity is fascinating –The complexities of our emotions, our stories, our values, our cultures.

She thought, “I want to share it to others.” So, she writes and sings. In hope of giving insights of colorful human lives. So people can learn from it. And live better.