LN#4 It’s Just the Late of Night

Hold your ground, make a comfort stay

It’s just another bad day

Drink tea, scrape away the pains

Though you’ll only find scares


In a small flat night feels a little too hot

But it’s your choice to give life a shot

For the things you care about

For the same reason, you won’t cry aloud


Every triumph is in hindsight

And it’s not the time yet to look back and wield pride

Spare yourself some accusations

It’s just the late of night that makes you feel so down


LN#3 If Only I Remember

No place left to cry

Deep emotion is a punishment

The things allowed to share are laugh and smile

And so I learn to live around them who say “Long live the fun”

But my smile grows as a thick wall, keeping a lot to imply

I’m just getting better in being a chameleon

Alas, I could have been the best kind of ally

If only I remember how to trust someone

Little Notes #1

I am a weakling; the bravest kind of one.

I am swayed by your concerns, but I am willing to disappoint.

And your tears, I let it crushes my mind.

I am scared of being alone, but I am leaving you behind.

I am sure I will regret this, but I am blind,

For all I ever know is I have to try.

Love the Done

Not everything done is excellent.

But appreciation is the fuel of spirit.

It fuels to drive –the bad to normal, the normal to good, the good to great.

To make something done is hard enough, when the world is tempting them to quit or hold back.

They maybe the one most devastated looking at their own self.

And you maybe the one who light up hope to the almost dying hero,

just with a little love.

Faster than I Imagine

I want to unimagine what I’ve imagined

But looking away from my own head is impossible

I’m afraid to close my eyes

I’m afraid to sleep

darkness is where imagination comes alive

but brightness tires my eyes down

eventually I need to get some sleep

I’m distracting, I’m waiting

till I sleep faster

than I can imagine