Tips for Asia Nodojiman Participants

  1. Read the website thoroughly and understand the administration system, since it maybe different from any competition you’ve ever been before.
  2. Check their Facebook page and read posts and comments about previous competition, to get clear picture of the competition.
  3. Contact the committee via Facebook and ask anything you want to know.
  4. If you want, you can find information of previous winner and search their name on Facebook and ask about their experience.
  5. If they use lucky draw system again, then don’t bother to sign up too early. As long as you sign up before the deadline, you’ll still get the chance to get a lucky draw.
  6. If you don’t get the lucky draw, you may try your chance to sign up on the spot. Because there are possibilities people who get the lucky draw can’t attend the competition for various reasons.
  7. Attend as early as possible. So you can observe the situation well.
  8. If you’re failed in the first round audition, try to sign up to the next round audition. You may get the chance to try again.
  9. Prepare more than 1 song –I suggest to prepare at least 3 songs you can sing really well and already memorize the lyric. Don’t depend on reading the lyric from the karaoke machine.
  10. For the audition phase, just consider picking song you sing best until the first chorus part. Prepare the full song for the final phase.
  11. Don’t sacrifice your singing for the sake of stage performance. Especially in audition phase where your performance won’t be judged, yet. Just act wisely when you’re singing.
  12. Be more concerned with basic techniques –like vocal power, being on pitch, vibrato, and melisma. Especially melisma tends to make singer become slightly pitchy. If you’re not confident about that, pick a song with simple melisma or one with  straight notes.
  13. Dress well.
  14. Bring your name cards and be proactive. There maybe a lot of interesting and prospective people to be approached in this competition, you can end up making a project together with those people in the future.

That’s all I can think about for now. I hope my tips can help you to prepare in joining Asia Nodojiman. As I said before, this is an interesting competition which hold more value than its prize to me. Who knows, maybe I will join it again in the future. By the way, you can read my experience here for more reference. OK, thank you for reading!


Asia Nodojiman 2016 Indonesia [Experience]

Last weekend was thrilling for me. I joined a competition I’ve never tried before, Asia Karaoke Nodojiman 2016. It wasn’t my first singing competition, but, my first singing competition judged by a machine. Since I decided to join it, I knew it wouldn’t be a common singing experience. Boy, I was right. Never knew I could be so strong-willed in joining a competition.

Asia Karaoke Nodojiman is a Karaoke contest to decide the best amateur singers in Asia, to be held in a form of “Nodojiman Contest”, a popular type of singing contest in Japan.The preliminary contests will be held in four Asian countries (Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong etc.).The champion and special-prize winners from each respective contest will be invited to the finals to be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2016 (planned).The singers will be judged using the Precision DX Scoring System provided by Daiichi Kosho Company,Japan’s leading electronic manufacture of Karaoke systems. (source:

I read the website thoroughly but I’ve only got little idea about how the competition conducted. I signed up anyway. It was early, I guess it was the first week of the registration period. But, I was surprised that I didn’t get the confirmation email at the end of registration date. I knew that they checked our information, but I didn’t get why someone didn’t get to be chosen because of the administration. I asked the committee through Facebook, and they said that they only picked the registered participants through a lucky draw, there’s no such thing as selection in registration phase. Meaning, I wasn’t lucky enough to get selected to join the competition. Period.

Lucky draw! I didn’t know whether this lucky draw idea was brilliant or not. But I guess this is a common problem-solving technique in Japan.  But when I read my friend’s confirmation email, and I saw a statement that “there is possibility we can accept on the spot registration”. But when I asked about this, I only got a response, “You can change your song selection but the participants were already selected”. Huh? From these facts only I could guess that there were separated Japanese and Indonesian committees for this competition, most likely there was a few misunderstandings between them, and people who answered my questions were Indonesian committee who possibly didn’t fully understand the strategy made by the Japanese committee.

Knowing all the risks, I still decided to give it a shot. I went to Jakarta with my friend, Guntur, who joined it too. He got a place in group C which started at 3 PM, but we decided to arrive earlier so I could have more possibility to register on the spot. So we arrived at 1 PM and group A was already finished the competition. I went to the registration table, and luckily, can register on the spot and assembled in group B.

I spent my time observing the machine and the other participants before my turn to sing. But I forget what I learned once I was on stage, I just sang like usual. It was good. But not enough if you’re judged by a machine. My score didn’t hit 90. I didn’t make it to the top 2. Alright, at least I’ve tried my best.

That’s before I heard that you can register to the next group if you don’t make it. So, yeah, I could try once more. My drive was only to give it all I’ve got. If I can try more, then I have to do it. Don’t give much concern to the result. So I observed more and chose another song that possibly can make me hit better score in group C. My second attempt had resulted in… 90’s score! That’s pretty high. But not enough to get me to the final. I only got the third place. Furthermore, there was someone who hit 94’s score. That’s crazy high.

I was doubtful. Should I try once again? Am I being frustratred? It’s very tempting to blame myself for my failures. Maybe I wasn’t that good. Maybe I shouldn’t try to compete. But deep down I knew I want to try again. I want to try, that bad. Finally I decided to make the last attempt, since group D is the last group for audition. “Are you trying again?”, I grinned shamefully as I was signing up, again, and again. I chose a song that I practiced especially for this competition, but I wasn’t sure cause I couldn’t memorize the lyric. Let’s see if this would work out. Then… it’s there. The score. I hit 91’s. I made it to the final and hit the second highest score among all final participants (the first one was that crazy high score). Gosh, I was glad I tried again and again.

Though, I didn’t make it in winning the competition, but I’m still glad I gave it shots. This time I lose, next time I will try it better until I make it. I’m not one of fancy people who nail it at the first try. Well, I don’t mind. My job is only to try and try it better. Furthermore, I gained more than I expected before. It was not just any competition. There were other passionate participants whom I can collaborate with in the future, there were people from Japan Embassy and Japan Foundation, people from NHK, they were all friendly and approachable. If you got something more to offer I’m sure you can easily make a good connection with them and make a good use of it.

a group photo after final competition (taken from Japan Foundation Facebook Page)

Anyway, if you’re curious about the winner, it’s Made Agastya who won the first place. Yeah he’s the same guy who scored 94’s in the audition. He even scored better in final, he hit 95’s. I befriended this guy in final and I realized he was really serious with this competition, just like me, and he’s very good in singing, and very nice, too. Speaking about talent, hard work, and manner, I think he really deserves to represent Indonesia in Tokyo. And the winner for special show is Shuri who has really cute voice. Really, I felt like listening to real anime song when she’s singing. They both will represent Indonesia in Japan and I hope they both will do great in the competition.

I’ll share my tips in joining Asia Karaoke Nodojiman in the next post. My tips are based only on my personal experience so make your own adjustments if there are any changes in the future.