[Cover] Unthinkable by Alicia Keys

one of my favorite song from Alicia Keys is a song about unexpected love that hard to be accepted by society, while the singer expresses that she’s still ready to face the risks. Such willingness to take risk when loving somebody is very beautiful,. I love how Alicia Keys put the meaning into her music. While the lyric isn’t a poetic style, it becomes the strength cause it sounds straightforwardly sincere. I could feel the hope and helplessness when singing this song.


Yui – Goodbye Days (Cover)

For days when we should say goodbye when we want to stay. For days when we should stop when we want to run.

this is the video I made for participating in Japan Foundation Kara OK Competition 2015 in Jakarta. I covered Yui’s one of most popular singles, which expressing last moment of being with someone she loves before leaving. That is, Goodbye Days.