[Live] Central Java’s Vocal Group at National PORSENI 2007

joining PORSENI competition with the vocal group, all the way from audition in the city until we made it to the national level, was a great opportunity I could get, furthermore as a middle school student. The competitive vibe was strong and we couldn’t help feeling excited till the continuous practice didn’t feel like an obligation anymore. It’s already become our spirit. Our shared goal. To perform as best as we could. Beside, it’s also a great opportunity to get insights from another parts of the country. There are various traditional songs performed, I forgot just how diverse Indonesia is. We, the representative of Central Java, performed ‘Kejayaan Majapahit’ as the required song for the competition, ‘Indonesia Jaya’, and also ‘Gundul Gundul Pacul’ which is a traditional song from our area.


[Live] Adeline at Plancious 2015

I was a little bit worried when I saw rain drops starting to pour down. It was still around 7 PM, the event still had a long time to go, I hope it wouldn’t reduce the audience’s spirit to enjoy the rest of the night. Anyway our performance would begin around 11 PM so I still had hope that rain ended soon, before our turn.

Fortunately, the rain ended not far before our turn! Since the audience’s spirit was dropped because of the unfriendly weather, I decided to communicate to them with the MC while the other band members warming up their instruments, just trying to get the spirit up again. I didn’t have a lot of ideas at that time, but some cliches always worked -like telling our history and appreciating the event and the audience for staying around, and how it would be better if they get up and dance. I couldn’t help smiling when they responded me by standing up. And then the music started, the show begun!